You can now start your business in Greece easily and effortlessly!


Find a trusted Greek Accountant.

Find a trusted team of Business & Tax Consultants to help you and to facilitate you with all the necessary procedures.

We are here to help you!


Choosing the appropriate legal entity

Choosing the appropriate legal entity that suits to your business needs and business plan, can be complicated.

Let us help you clarify the things that you have to consider!


Learn about tax obligations

Each legal entity comes with a list of tax obligations. Find out what are your yearly, quarterly and monthly obligations, before it’s too late.

We are here to help you!


Estimate the time & the costs of incorporation

One of the questions that our customers asked once they approached us is “what much time will it take and how much money it will cost me?”

We are here to give you a time bound and a cost effective solution!


We will take good care of all the incorporation’s procedures

We will take good care of all the necessary procedures and documentations for the incorporation of your company. We can also provide with a tax business seat!

Let us help you with all the bureaucracy and be your tax representative.


Your Greek company is ready to take-off !

Welcome to Greek Market! With our Turnkey Company Incorporation Solution, your Greek Company is ready to take off easily and effortlessly!

It’s your time to do business in Greece and We are here to further support you with our Tax-Accounting and Consulting Services!