It is widely known that the assignment of whole or individual tasks to other partners (outsourcing) has many benefits, such as limit the services cost, avoid time consuming procedures (contact with state tax departments or other state departments), avoidance of mistakes which have as a result the enforcement of fines and meaningless suffering in general. The outsourcing can cover many of the business’ services, from the most basic to the more specialized ones.

Outsourcing now is an established practice between most small and big businesses because it provides the ability to take advantage by «buying» specialized services. So, in retrospect, aside from the minimum cost, it reduces risk, improves productivity which brings as a result « calmness and stability» in the business enviroment and improves the efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

The services we offer absolutely meet the needs of a smaller or a larger firm. Thanks to our company’s experience, expertise and computer equipment we reduce your risks and ensure the quality of the services provided. The objective of the services provided is to spare our customers from time-consuming and complicated tax procedures, so that they devote their time to their work, undistracted.

Our services are created according to scientific knowledge, professional experience, responsibility, consistency and first and foremost discretion.

Our services are based on the weekly personal contact of our company’s executives with each business represented. Our main obligation is to inform on the firm’s progress and the commitments to public organizations.

The daily support by all methods of communication (telephone, fax, e-mail, cell phone etc.) is the basis for the rapid resolution of problems arising, during the daily operation of each firm.