2 August 2018

Private Capital Company (IKE or PCC)

A new simpler and more flexible corporate form, i.e. the Private Company (IKE) is introduced by Law 4072/2012. IKE is a private capital company, i.e. it […]
27 December 2017

Certified public Accountants and benefits from hiring and cooperating with them.

The Certified Public Accountants in Greece mainly audit companies that have the form of the Societe Anonyme (SA) and the Limited Liability Company (LLC). This is […]
27 July 2017

Annual leave (vacation and holidays)

The days of leave to he or she will be entitled still depend on the months he or she has worked at the same employer. Vacation […]
19 June 2017

Deductible Business Expenses in Greeece

Under the provisions of the above tax law, the provisions of which have reformed fundamentally the basic law regarding the income taxation (L.  2238 / 1994), […]
19 June 2017

Audit of financial statements in Greeece

With the recent changes in the tax law, also the rules concerning the statutory audits of the companies’ financial statements have changed. The new rules apply […]
19 June 2017

Entieties Definition – Bookkeeping in Greece / Article 2

The classification of companies according to their achieved turnover on an annual basis is not applicable anymore and therefore the kind of books they must keep. […]
19 June 2017

New Bookkeeping Principles in Greece- Profit & Loss Account – Income / Expenses – Article 25

From the 01.01.2015 the provisions of the Law 4308 / 11.24.14 (Governments Gazette 251) will apply, in which the new Greek Bookkeeping Principles have been voted. […]
19 June 2017

Tax treatment of the provisions for the amortization of bad debts in Greece

The clarifications of the Ministerial Decision POL 1056/02.03.2015 of the Minister of Finance have been taken into consideration). The provisions amounts for bad debts amortization and […]
19 June 2017

Part – time and rotation employment in Greece

As employee within the reduced employment scheme, is the employee considered with a contract or an employment relation in which the working hours calculated on a […]
19 June 2017

VAT Exemption procedure for goods intended for export in Greece and intra – community delivery

According to the decision of the Ministry of Finance, No. POL 1167 / 29.07.2015 published in the Government’s Gazette 1808 / 21.08.2015, the terms, the conditions […]
19 June 2017

Evidence – Objective expenses- additional fee in Greece

The living evidence, which has been renamed in “objective living expenses” are amounts set by the Ministry of Finance and they represent the minimum annual costs […]
19 June 2017

Dismissal of employees / with and without notice in Greece

The dismissal of an employee is possible either with or without notice. The calculation of the severance pay is based on the regular earnings, which the […]