shutterstock_74392297Our office was founded in 1993 with the goal to satisfy the increasing request of high level professional services in accountant and tax accountant cases, financial counselling requests and organizing businesses in Greece.

Our main objective was and remains to correctly inform every taxpayer, to guide him with respect to his firm’s progress and to carefully and attentively supervise his accounts department.

Our Accountant Firm is managed by Nikitas Argiris, Economist, graduate of the Business Administration Department of the University Makedonia in Thessaloniki Greece, Accountant- Tax Advisor, with specialization in departments of

  • Business strategy
  • Crisis Management and Decision Making
  • Salvaging and Reorganizing Businesses
  • etc.

We apply the most contemporary, scientific, accounting methods and use the latest technological equipment in order to ensure the quality of the services provided.

Over the last years an overflow of countless tax laws, numerous provisions of which are abrogated, have been revised and changed before the public is made aware, thus thrusting the businessman into an astonishing pool of ignorance and confusion.

Our office is a perfectly organized accounting office that closely monitors the developments taking place in all the fields of the firms’ financial activities and is able to provide solutions to the businesspeople, saving time and money, fast and in proper order.

Our philosophy is that today’s entrepreneur needs an accountant, who, apart from recording, classifying and analyzing the historical transactions, must have the necessary qualifications so as to be able to provide reliable information and advice, to consider and give solutions to the problems that arise, thus helping in making sharp business decisions.

Main goal is to relieve you from the time-consuming and many times complicated tax procedures, so you can dedicate, without distractions, your creative time on your own work, which has to aim always in the upward improvement of your business.

Our clients are Family businesses, retail trade and processing businesses to SA import wholesale businesses throughout Greece and Europe and from very small service providing individual businesses to export businesses of primary sector with international experience.

Well established business brands, which trade, produce, process and provide services, construction companies, have already entrusted the knowledge and the experience of our company for the proper monitoring of their tax books, its immediate update, its design and development, its reorganization with modern and completed accountant systems and result monitoring, briefing and updating systems and the ensurance of development grands .

Our quality, privacy and experience create a circle of trust and qualified service which is needed for a successful cooperation between a business office and its client. We are proud because we strongly believe in these constitutions which we embody in our services.

Our Broad Experience, combined with our best qualified staff, allows us to operate and successfully manage each case assigned to us. We can satisfy your needs and eliminate your fears. We can provide quality and speed of service in the appropriate price.

Contact with us and benefit from the quality of our services. Reorder and reorganize your business and complete our efforts of adding value to your business.

Our privately-owned headquarters are located in 100, Agias Sofias Street Thessaloniki.

Member of the Commercial Chamber of Greece

Member of the Hellenic Economists federation

Member of the Hellenic Tax advisors federation