The remarkable downfall of the turnover of the businesses due to under consumption, the increasing bank debt, suppliers and public simultaneously with the refusal of banks for further funding shape everyday bad image that SMEs face.

Even more worryingly is the fact that this situation is just the beginning not the end of the crisis. The rescue and ensurance of the survival of SMEs requires immediate, specific and effective measures.

The important service of the stabilization and recovery business procedure is provided in agreement with small and medium businesses that choose this strategy not only because of  current problem facing but because they want to prevent possible future problems

Having specialist expertise and long experience we provide services of rescue, salvage and final recovery of small and medium small enterprises.

More specifically the process comprises the following three stages:

Analysis and evaluation of current situation

In cooperation with the businessman we do “sheet and feather” (or thoroughly examine)  the company’s analysis of all data related to its economic state. A screening procedure follows to diagnose the problematic situation of the company. The analysis and evaluation is focusing on the problems and difficulties the company is facing.

Rescue and Salvage Project

Based on data analysis and evaluation we work directly on a comprehensive plan for rescue and recovery and identify the options open to the company. It features the breakthrough that the company has in today’s economic reality. We discuss and finalize the management plan with the manager.

The final level : Recovery

In turn helps businesses in the application of the project, both within the company and in relation to banks, suppliers, new partnerships, etc.

With our involvement your company

_ensures a complete and true picture of the situation

_know the exact options and escape scenarios

_have our support at all stages of Implementation