In accordance with the Law 4110/2013 (Government Gazette  17A/23.01.13), replaced the case f, of paragraph 1, of Article 31, of Law 2238/1994 concerning depreciation of fixed assets plus the following apply to assets acquired after 01.01. 2013:

Depreciable fixed asset is functional or non-functional, materialized or dematerialized, acquired by the entity and has a limited useful life, but more than one year.

Conducting regular depreciation is mandatory.

Bound are financial entities that they own assets regardless of whether the use, the lease or exploit in any way.

Depreciation is calculated using the straight-line method over the cost of acquisition of fixed assets, plus costs additions and improvements.
The calculation of depreciation is made on an annual basis. No transfer of funds between evanescent financial years.

For new fixed asset depreciation begins from the month are put or put into operation and is estimated to be as many twelfths as there are months until the end of the fiscal year.

The new companies for the first 3 financial years (1st, 2nd and 3rd) may for all fixed assets to be depreciated at a zero rate, but you must maintain a record of assets where depreciation will be displayed with a 0% rate.

For assets acquired before 01.01.2013 and are depreciated value will continue to be amortized with old rates method.

The depreciation rates for each fixed asset and sector of economic activity, according to the classification NACE rev2, included in the accompanying table.

Landholdings 0%
Building premises, offices, houses 4%
Industry placements, factories, warehouses, service stations, open spaced places 4%
Machinery 10%
General Equipment (except PC & software programs) 10%
Computer and software equipment 20%
People’s transportation 10%
Freight transportation 12%
Dematerialized securities, assets and rights 10%
Other fixed assets 10%
Tangible assets, whose acquisition cost of each is up to € 1.500,00 may be fully depreciated in the year in which they were used or put into operation. This amount may be adjusted every five years after relevant Ministry of Finance Decision (MOF) at a rate not exceeding the equivalent for the same period of change in the Producer Price Index in Industry (Industry 055 – “Intermediate and Capital Goods”) as announced by the Hellenic Statistical Authority.


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