Corporate taxation

Tax rate

The tax rate for corporate profits is 29%. In addition, companies pay an advance tax for the current year which is equal to the income tax of the previous year (100% tax paid in advance).

Tax rates for dividends, interest and royalties

The passive income generated by dividends, interest and royalties is subject to the following flat tax rates.

 Passive income Tax rate (flat)
Dividends 15% 15%
Interests 15% 15%
Royalties 20% 20%

Individuals taxation

The global income of Greek tax residents is subject to tax in Greece. Non Greek tax residents are subject to tax only for earnings generated in Greece. Different tax rates or tax bands are applied to each income, depending on the source of this income.

Tax bands for employees, retired and self employed persons

The taxable income from wages and pensions is subject to the following tax scales.

Taxable income Tax rate
0 – 20,000 22%
20,001 – 30,000 29%
30,001 – 40,000 37%
40,001 – 45%

If the taxable income from wages and pensions does not exceed the amount of 20,000 Euro, the tax arising shall be reduced by the amount of 1,900 Euro for the taxpayer without children. The tax reduction amounts to 1,950 Euro for taxpayers with 1 child, 2,000 Euro for 2 children and 2,100 Euro for 3 or more children. If the tax amount is less than these amounts, the tax reduction is limited to the amount of the corresponding tax. In addition, if the taxable income exceeds the amount of 20,000 Euro, the amount of the reduction declines by 10 Euro per 1,000 Euro of taxable income.

Note: The abovementioned reductions are not applied in the case of profits earned by self employed (freelancers and self businesses).

Exception: Income received by captains and officers serving on ships of the merchant maritime is taxed at a flat rate of 15%. Income received by the lower-ranked crew serving on those ships is taxed at a flat rate of 10%.

ax bands for rental income

Rental income from immovable property is taxed separately on the basis of the following scale.

Rental income Tax rate
0-12.000 15%
12.001 – 35.000 35%
35.001- 45%

Solidarity tax

The total taxable and exempt income is subject to solidarity tax in accordance with the following scale.

Income Solidarity tax rates
0 – 12.000 0%
12.001 – 20.000 2,20%
20.001 – 30.000 5,00%
30.001 – 40.000 6,50%
40.001 – 65.000 7,50%
65.001 – 220.000 9,00%
>220.000 10,00%

VAT rates

Category VAT rate Comments
Normal 24% Goods and services
Reduced 13% Foods
Over-reduced 6% Books and medicines
Reduced VAT rates for some Aegean islands
Normal 17% Lesvos, Chios, Ikaria, Kos, Samos etc.
Reduced 9%
Over-reduced 4%